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A list of Bootstrap themes for Svelte

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Theme by bestguy
Github Stars Github Stars: 1297
Last Commit Last Commit: Dec 23, 2023

Bootstrap 4 & 5 components for Svelte

Sveltestrap screenshot
Github Stars Github Stars: 996
Last Commit Last Commit: Dec 7, 2023

SvelteStorm is an open-source IDE with a built-in Debugging window for viewing and debugging your …

SvelteStorm screenshot
Theme by nstuyvesant
Github Stars Github Stars: 282
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 24, 2024

SvelteKit Authentication Example

Sveltekit Auth Example screenshot
Theme by yesvelte
Github Stars Github Stars: 192
Last Commit Last Commit: Feb 17, 2024

YeSvelte UI component library for Svelte

Yesvelte screenshot
Theme by vb-consulting
Github Stars Github Stars: 177
Last Commit Last Commit: Apr 27, 2024

Template project for the .NET Razor Pages with Svelte Framework, Bootstrap, and Rollup

RazorSvelte screenshot
Theme by andreock
Github Stars Github Stars: 89
Last Commit Last Commit: Jan 23, 2023

A replace phpMyAdmin to Node.js with the help of Sveltekit

NodeMyAdmin screenshot
Theme by sveltestrap
Github Stars Github Stars: 85
Last Commit Last Commit: Apr 16, 2024

Bootstrap 5 components for Svelte 4+

Sveltestrap screenshot
Theme by alec-c4
Github Stars Github Stars: 69
Last Commit Last Commit: Jul 28, 2022

Ruby on Rails application templates

Kickstart screenshot
Theme by swyxio
Github Stars Github Stars: 64
Last Commit Last Commit: Feb 11, 2020

How to do Auth + Amplify Data Store with Svelte

Svelte Amplify Datastore Demo screenshot
Theme by karkranikhil
Github Stars Github Stars: 50
Last Commit Last Commit: Dec 31, 2019

Digital Agency using svelte

Digital Agency Using Svelte screenshot
Theme by brunostjohn
Github Stars Github Stars: 11
Last Commit Last Commit: Dec 18, 2023

Elevate your cooler with modern and reactive themes.

Zefirs Flashy Cooler screenshot