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A list of Bulma themes for Svelte

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Theme by torch2424
Github Stars Github Stars: 1363
Last Commit Last Commit: Oct 12, 2022

Game Boy / Game Boy Color Emulator Library, 🎮written for WebAssembly using AssemblyScript. 🚀Demos …

Wasmboy screenshot
Theme by c0bra
Github Stars Github Stars: 533
Last Commit Last Commit: Aug 5, 2022

Bulma components for Svelte

Svelma screenshot
Theme by pstanoev
Github Stars Github Stars: 448
Last Commit Last Commit: Jul 25, 2023

Simple Autocomplete / typeahead component for Svelte

Simple Svelte Autocomplete screenshot
Theme by dyalicode
Github Stars Github Stars: 250
Last Commit Last Commit: Jul 26, 2022

Generator dynamic forms for Svelte JS

Svelte Formly screenshot
Github Stars Github Stars: 122
Last Commit Last Commit: Feb 1, 2022

🧬 Create a desktop app with this user-friendly Svelte boilerplate for electron

Svelte Electron Boilerplate screenshot
Theme by elcobvg
Github Stars Github Stars: 92
Last Commit Last Commit: Aug 20, 2018

Collection of Bulma UI components to be used in Svelte or standalone

Svelte Bulma Components screenshot
Theme by silentworks
Github Stars Github Stars: 77
Last Commit Last Commit: Sep 4, 2023

A Waiting list application built on Supabase

Waiting List screenshot
Theme by danielschmitz
Github Stars Github Stars: 77
Last Commit Last Commit: May 9, 2021

A Svelte+Sapper+Bulma Crud

Svelte Sapper Bulma Crud screenshot
Theme by watergis
Github Stars Github Stars: 18
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 17, 2024

This repository is a sveltekit template to develop GIS for water application quickly

Sveltekit Watergis Template screenshot