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Theme by nanostores
Github Stars Github Stars: 4632
Last Commit Last Commit: Feb 26, 2024

A tiny (286 bytes) state manager for React/RN/Preact/Vue/Svelte with many atomic tree-shakable …

Nanostores screenshot
Theme by konstaui
Github Stars Github Stars: 3221
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 19, 2024

Mobile UI components made with Tailwind CSS

Konsta screenshot
Theme by melt-ui
Github Stars Github Stars: 2773
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 24, 2024

A set of headless, accessible component builders for Svelte.

Melt Ui screenshot
Theme by alovajs
Github Stars Github Stars: 2356
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 20, 2024

Request strategy library for MVVM libraries such as Vue.js, React.js and Svelte.js

Alova screenshot
Theme by f5
Github Stars Github Stars: 1708
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 11, 2024

Modular data visualization framework for React, Angular, Svelte, Vue, and vanilla TypeScript or …

Unovis screenshot
Theme by ssleptsov
Github Stars Github Stars: 1558
Last Commit Last Commit: Jul 1, 2022

Keyboard shortcuts interface for your website. Working with static HTML, Vanilla JS, Vue, React, …

Ninja Keys screenshot
Theme by puruvj
Github Stars Github Stars: 1452
Last Commit Last Commit: Dec 18, 2023

One Draggable to rule them all 💍

Neodrag screenshot
Theme by guocaoyi
Github Stars Github Stars: 1295
Last Commit Last Commit: May 7, 2024

🍺 Scaffolding your Chrome extension! Boilerplates: react \ vue \ svelte \ solid \ preact \ alpine \ …

Create Chrome Ext screenshot
Theme by ikun-svelte
Github Stars Github Stars: 1272
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 22, 2024

🐔A Svelte.js based UnoCSS UI library that allows you to make websites

Ikun Ui screenshot
Theme by m4tt72
Github Stars Github Stars: 1139
Last Commit Last Commit: Apr 15, 2024

Terminal style website

Terminal screenshot
Theme by inokawa
Github Stars Github Stars: 991
Last Commit Last Commit: May 31, 2024

A zero-config, fast and small (~3kB) virtual list (and grid) component for React, Vue, Solid and …

Virtua screenshot
Theme by crashmax-dev
Github Stars Github Stars: 984
Last Commit Last Commit: Jul 19, 2023

🎆 A simple fireworks library! Ready to use components available for React, Vue 3, Svelte, Angular, …

Fireworks Js screenshot
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